When You Don’t Feel Peaceful

I just had to let you know that I have been feeling God’s peace the most when I choose to trust Him. When I deliberately make the better decision to let it be in God’s hands instead of mine, He wins and I win. When I choose to trust, I…

  1. Receive His peace – Even in the same situation that I may have felt extremely anxious in before, God gives me His peace when I relinquish control. I know that sounds crazy to be given peace, but I’m serious. It is a gift that He gives his children and He’s teaching me that He loves to give peace. The problem is that we don’t ask for it often enough. We decide to take things on our own shoulders and attempt to do it all by ourselves, which only creates more anxiety. God wants all of you: your issues, temptations, worries, all of it. In return, He gives peace.
  2. See Him work – Here’s what I know: God always has a way of making things work out even better than I expected or planned myself. When I let Him lead and I step back, even when it is SO (!!!) difficult to let go of the reigns, God works things out better than I ever could have. It’s hard to step away sometimes because I feel like a) I’m out of control (which I am) and b) whatever it is that I want to happen won’t happen (but it usually does in a much different but better way 🙂

Lately, I will literally tell myself “NOPE!” and find my feet walking away from the direction that they initially wanted to take – literally and figuratively. Then, the coolest thing happens:

When I walk away from what I desperately want and think I need, I find that I’m actually walking into God’s way. It is the most difficult yet most fulfilling decision to make: to overrule the desires of my flesh with the desires of God’s spirit. This is a battle that can only be won through

  • intentional discernment = think about what you’re thinking about
  • slow decision = think about it again before you choose your actions
  • connection with God = simply have a conversation with Him about what you’re going through, what you want to control, your desires, etc.

It is a choice to trust and honor Him with your every day in every way. When you don’t feel peaceful, there’s usually a pretty simple reason why. When my heart is overrun with anxiety, it’s usually because I’ve quit trusting, started to take control, and ignored God in my situation. But that’s right when God beckons me to come closer to Him, even if it means walking away from what I really want because He is what I ultimately want.

Jordan Lee spoke this truth: “The long way is the narrow way but the narrow way is the life-giving way. Stay the path. It’s more than worth it.” I know it’s hard, but His way will fill you with peace and light, not more darkness and worry. He is always ready to captivate your attention and give you the desires of your heart. Just talk to Him.


Photo by Jessica Lodien

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