Single girls: 5 ways to wait better

To all the single girls (and guys): I’m with you. I understand how it feels to look around at cute couples and desire to have that for yourself. I know what it’s like to feel left out and lonely. I know. But let me tell you something: your obedience, patience, and good-hearted waiting will all be worth it. Hear me out, because even though I am yet to meet who it is that God has saved for me, I have become a much happier girl-in-waiting by remembering these things.

  1. Stop thinking about your now desires and start thinking about what you ultimately desire to find in a man. More than that, you need to remember that God has already picked your future guy out. Right now, it is your time to focus on improving yourself so that when you meet him, you’ll be ready. That means preparing your heart for loving always (How? Check out 1 Corinthians 13:4-8). Working on your prayer that never ceases. Pursuing your relationship with God, friends, and family.
  2. Wait well. This means preparing before you even know who you’re preparing for. I believe that the divorce rate in our country would lower dramatically if more people decided to prepare for marriage before they say, “I do.” Scripture tells us that we have hope, and can live life like the things we hope for are already ours. That guy that you have been praying for? He is already yours. God guarantees that, so don’t live every day clouded with doubt about if he comes. Live in the confidence that God will bring him into your life when the time is right. Prepare yourself accordingly. “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Matthew 11:24
  3. Have standards and be picky. Never ever settle. You need to wait for a man that loves all of you, even the messy, unfinished, not-yet-figured out parts of you. One who is in it for the long haul and will push you to always get better, not drag you down with criticism. A man who respects not only your boundaries but also the boundaries God has set in place for both of you. One who speaks truth and life into your mind. He won’t keep you wondering or make you question his love. You need to wait for someone who is always there, no questions asked.
  4. Wait for a guy who is waiting for you. Wait for the guy that you’re praying for and who is praying for you right back. Think about a man who talks to God about you. 🙂 Don’t you want to wait, prepare, and pray for him?! I do! Pray specific things over him today. Ask God to protect his purity, strength, health, and family.
  5. If you feel like there is a hole in your soul that must be filled by a guy, that guy is Jesus. Find Him first and you will be complete. That’s the biggest key of why I am so patient and have an easier time waiting. That’s why I don’t date just for fun and I don’t plan on dating anyone until God tells me they’re it; I’m already complete because I have Jesus by my side and the Holy Spirit in my soul. I am content. My future husband will be an amazing addition, but he will have no pressure upon himself to help me fill my soul or feel complete. God and I already took care of that.

Most of all, I want you to feel encouraged in your wait. I want you to cling to the reminder that your waiting is not for no reason. It is for huge reasons: your good and God’s glory. If you’re praying fervently, hoping always, and living like His promises have already been fulfilled, God will reward you. He is faithful and He will fulfill those promises. When your waiting seems hopeless (and there are times when it will), remind yourself of God’s promises. This world will tempt you and make you want to drop everything you’ve ever waited on to rush into something temporary, but DO NOT. Pray for more patience instead. Because, sweet friend, whether it takes six weeks, six months, or sixteen years, you will meet the guy that God made just for you. Your love story will be better than anything you could have ever imagined because the Lord wrote it. You and I are going to be eternally grateful that we didn’t settle.

For now, wait well, pray often, and continue to wait for him by relying on Him.

Disclaimer: All of this applies to the single guys out there, too. I am writing for a primarily female audience but if you are a guy reading this, I hope you would read it with your future wife in mind!

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