How the Wind can change your life

The sun bounced off the early morning waves, forcing me to open my eyes just a little bit more. It was a Saturday, and I was down on the dock with my coffee and Bible, ready to be filled by the Lord before I began my day. Every morning, without fail, there is a strong wind that travels up the length of the lake during the hours when everything begins to awaken. Today I felt it stronger than usual. As I began to read, my morning devotional taught me that the Hebrew word for wind is ruwach, which also means “Spirit” or “breath” of God. I looked up from my book, smiling at the wind in my face right in that moment. Because for the first time, I felt God’s breath and His Spirit in that wind. It was the kind of wind that didn’t make me shiver; it enveloped me in a warm, comforting embrace. The embrace of my Father. It was God wind. Ruwach. 

I continued reading and that wind penetrated my heart, bringing me these thoughts. You can choose to let the ruwach of the Lord transform and change your life. And you will look different when this happens. To the people around you, you will stand out. Because if you are listening to the wind, breath, and Spirit of God, you are not listening to the worldly opinions, words, and thoughts that surround you. Your focus must shift off of what is “normal,” and loved by this world, and on to what is loved by God.

When you decide to let Jesus rule your soul, heart, mind, and life, that means that He gets to rule all of it. His Spirit will only change you as much as you are willing to be changed. When you latch on to the Lord, you must let go of other things that fail to point you to Him. This means deleting that playlist with that music filled with nasty, unfulfilling lyrics that do nothing but weigh you down. This means being mature and having a filter on what you read and watch, because everything is either helpful or hurtful to your soul. This means turning away from those things that you idolize and that truly run your life. Maybe it’s a social media addiction, maybe it’s a boyfriend or a girlfriend, or maybe it’s something worse. The idea and difficult action of letting go of those things may seem like a burden. However, those things actually have you blindfolded, keeping you from seeing that they are the burden.

The light, airy freedom that you will feel once those burdens are under control (or out of your life) is brought to you once Jesus is the only one at the forefront of your mind. The King of your heart. In order for God’s transformation to begin in your life, you must make some tough decisions about what you let stay and what you remove to make room for Jesus. Then, He will breathe into you and your life. His Spirit will be stronger than the wind that I felt on that summer morning. His ruwach will move you forward, just as the wind moves everything in its path. But more than just move you, God’s wind will change you into a brave, strong, kind, person full of joy everlasting and eternal hope.

You were taught, with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires; to be made new in the attitude of your minds; and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.

Ephesians 4:22-24 NIV

(You can find the devotional that I was reading here! Thank you to Dave Adamson –@aussiedave – for writing such a life-giving, soul-encouraging daily devotional. My walk with Jesus has grown stronger as I have spent each morning with Him reading, writing, and reflecting.)

Photo: Mika Matin

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