Lessons from Cows

We’re currently driving through Idaho, passing what seems to be our 567th pasture full of cows. There are big cows, little calfs, and they all seem to be doing the same thing: eating. Or sleeping. Or just standing still, chewing their cud, contemplating life. Cows remind me that there is beauty in the routine, in the mundane, and in the normal. I mean, seriously. Pretend you’re a cow for a moment. You literally do the same thing every day. You eat a LOT. You sleep a lot. You moo a lot…Cows don’t have a mall to shop at. They don’t have the Internet to surf. They don’t have Snapchat filters or an Instagram feed. They have no idea that they live in America, or even that what they’re eating is called grass. They don’t know about politics or fighting, and they certainly don’t care. Their life is honestly…pretty boring. But you’d never hear that from them. Cows don’t complain about eating the same thing every single day. In fact, they’re probably pretty thankful that they even have something to eat. They don’t wallow around in self-pity because their newest Instagram picture only got 73 likes instead of 104. They don’t care about the newest trends, and they aren’t worried about who likes them. They just live. I think we can all learn a lesson or two from cows. These well-known but seldom-thought-of creatures teach us that while routine may get boring (and it does after a while), it is so special to have something to look forward to that never changes. In a world full of unknowns, why not create something for yourself that you know will be constant? Maybe it’s your morning routine, your nighttime routine, or your fitness routine. You could start your day off with a hot cup of coffee and end it with a steaming cup of tea. Read a chapter of a book in the morning, instead of getting swept up into negative tweets. Empty all of your thoughts out onto paper before you go to sleep so that you’re ready to be filled up the next day. Create a routine and find some normal in this crazy world. After all, maybe the cows are onto something. Maybe life would be a little sweeter if we all made it a little simpler.

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