God Told Me to be Quiet

I was driving home from church Saturday night, completely fulfilled and joyful after an amazing message from my pastor and sweet, honest conversations in my girl’s group. I had K-LOVE on the radio, an open road in front of me, and the windows down. Well, the metaphorical windows. (Because if I had actually rolled my windows down, there would’ve been snow in my car and I would’ve frozen to death. Winter never ends here.)

But let’s back up a minute.

Crack! I heard something hit my windshield. I assumed that it was just a small rock and the sound wasn’t loud enough to make me worry. There was a pickup truck ahead of me, so I assumed that it had kicked one up. I backed off just to be safe. I made it a couple miles down the road, the pickup long gone by now, and another crack! against my windshield. This one was a little louder and a little weirder…because there was not a single car around, in front of me or passing by me. I still had my radio on and kept going, once again assuming that it was a small rock and nothing to worry about. By that time, a light, icy snow had begun to fall.

I was rounding a bend in the road a few more miles up, when a THIRD crackk! hit my windshield. Now, this one actually got me worried. It was the loudest of them all, but again, no cars were in front of me or going the opposite direction! As I struggled to figure out if it was maybe hail, a rock, or if there was a giant crack in my windshield, a thought came right into my mind.

God’s trying to talk to you. 

At first, I ignored it, and kept squinting in the dark to try and see if the unidentified object had left a mark on my windshield. Then, that thought came again…so I scrambled to shut off the radio and just drove slowly. There was something totally different about that car ride all of a sudden.

I was enveloped in this sweet silence, something I hadn’t heard in a while. While I’m sure God loves watching me sing along to my K-LOVE worship songs, it was almost like he just really wanted me to be quiet that night. To be still. So that’s exactly what I did. I opened my ears to peace and opened my mouth to prayer. I thanked God for that amazing evening, for keeping me safe, and for not allowing a rock to ruin my night. I don’t quite remember what I said, but I remember how I felt saying it. I felt Him right there with me, intently listening and loving hearing every word that flowed from my mouth. It was a good different, having that radio off. A refreshing different. It was a long-lost, seldom heard silence. God, and the familiar sound of the back roads beneath me, was my company.

No more rocks hit my windshield after I shut off the radio. I know that God wanted some of my undivided attention that night. He was telling me, “Grace, just be quiet. Have some silence for a change. Talk to me. And listen to me.” While He asked for that attention in an unconventional, unexplainable way, He still asked for it. And I’m grateful that He did.

So maybe He won’t throw rocks onto your windshield or nudge you to turn your radio off tonight. Maybe you don’t think that God wants to be your company and you prefer your tunes. But maybe you should test out the silence. Sure, you won’t feel the beat of the music, but you’ll feel His presence…and that’s a much better feeling.

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