Tried and True: Burn Remedy

Hi again! Happy June! It’s almost summertime here and I. can’t. wait.
I thought I’d share an experience I had and give you a super helpful tip. This weekend, while my mom was cooking dinner, she accidentally grabbed a pan that had JUST come out of the oven. Needless to say, her hand was burned very badly. She ran it under cold water and had to keep an ice pack on it constantly. Anytime she would set the ice down, the terrible burn feeling would come back. I remembered a video I’d watched a couple weeks ago and Nikki Phillippi had talked about how she burned her hand (coincidentally, in almost the exact way my mom did) and had heard that lavender essential oil can heal it. Nikki smothered her hand in the oil and it totally worked. The pain subsided, no blister, no scar, nothing!
We didn’t have lavender oil at the time but we do have lavender plants around our home. My mom picked some fresh leaves that were very fragrant because of the oil inside of them, and I started to mash them up. The oil was pressed from the leaves and we put it on her hand. All of a sudden, it totally took the burning feeling from her skin. “It was amazing. After a few minutes, the burn feeling would come back for a bit. Once I put more leaves on the area, I let them sit for a few minutes and the burn feeling was gone!” Her hand was completely fine the next day. So, I recommend that you get some lavender essential oil in your kitchen or near the area that you work with heat tools for your hair, just incase, because it’s a miracle worker on burns!

As weird as this photo may appear, these are the lavender leaves and oil we put the areas she burned. It took the burning feeling away very quickly.




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