The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies…EVER.

Hello there! I am so happy to be back to my blog and posting something new. For anyone that is reading this, thank you so much for stopping by. You would think that now that it’s summer, I would have all the time in the world to post on here! To be completely honest, this summer has been one of the busiest for me. I started my very first job in my downtown area at an adorable little gift shop! It has been such a blast to get to know my coworkers and learn the in’s and out’s of operating a small business. Our town comes alive in the summer when people from all over come to visit! That being said, I’ve gotten the chance to meet and talk with people from places all over the nation and some from outside of the USA. I love my job! We have had company in town and I have just been enjoying every moment I have to spend relaxing and hanging out with friends this summer. Plus, I’m still trying to digest the idea that I start school on August 31st… That’s still summertime in my book!
The other day I decided to bake something. I hadn’t baked in SO LONG and I was going crazy! I like to bake pretty much anything, but my family enjoys eating the simpler baked goods (chocolate chip cookies, brownies, etc.). I love those classics, too. My favorite chocolate chip cookie is one that is really soft and chewy, with a little crunch on the outside. The addition of cornstarch to these cookies helps make that happen. Don’t worry if your cookies don’t spread like they look like they should on the original recipe’s photo. Mine don’t spread flat but they are delicious! Also, I bake mine for 8 or 9 minutes and they turn out perfect (which to me is just a very light golden brown on the outside). Enjoy! I think you really will. 🙂
Click here for the recipe.1287025

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