Summertime Blues…?

For one hour each day, I walk from my high school over to the elementary school and help out in a class of 18 first graders. It is such a joy for me to see these 18 happy, smiling first grade faces everyday. I help out the teacher, read to the kids, assist with reading, writing, and math, and more. Those kids are awesome.
When I arrived at the class today, everyone was out playing at recess. I decided to go out to visit with the kiddos and play with them. As I walked out the doors, I noticed that one of the kids, Asher, was sitting all by himself on the asphalt, away from the rest of the kids who were busy swinging, jumping, and running. Asher is one of those bright, fun, smiling kids who’s always ready for the next activity, so it was weird to see him like that. I sat down next to him and said, “Hey Asher! What are you doing over here?” He responded, glumly, “Oh, nothing.” Deciding not to press him for more info, I just said, “So are you excited for summertime?! It’s only nine days away!” Asher says, “Um, no.” Now I was dumbfounded, “Why not?” All he had to say to that was, “Mrs. Martel.”
That’s when I understood. His teacher, Mrs. Martel, is an amazing teacher. She is so much fun and is so kind to each and every one of her students. He was realizing that, indeed, there were only nine more days of school. To him, that meant only nine more days of awesome jokes, funny stories, and perfect days in Mrs. Martel’s classroom.
This was interesting to see, especially when you only think kids are excited for summer and that they’re only waiting for that final bell to ring. Then, you see a kid like Asher who is only thinking about how much he’s going to miss the fun he is having in school. I told Mrs. Martel about what had happened later on and she thought it was so sweet. She told me, “If you ever want to teach, it’s true that they get very attached!” It really showed me the impact you can have on one child’s mind and heart. It is so important to make a good, wholesome impact, just like Mrs. Martel is. Thank you, teachers!!!

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