Stop, Start

959741Stop being nervous.
Start being courageous.
Stop underestimating yourself.
Start believing that you can.
Stop filling your mind with doubt.
Start leaning into faith.
Stop reading your horoscope.
Start reading the Word of God.
Stop wishing for a boyfriend.
Start enjoying your time by yourself.
Stop taking things for granted.
Start showing your appreciation.
Stop waiting for happiness to arrive.
Start noticing joy in the little things.
Stop reading tabloids.
Start reading real, good, substantial books.
Stop dreaming about a better day.
Start creating one.
Stop going on diets.
Start living a healthy, practical lifestyle.
Stop restricting.
Start implementing balance.
Stop wishing on stars.
Start praying to the One who created them.
Stop gossiping.
Start speaking words of love.
Stop being someone that you aren’t.
Start embracing the wonderful, unique, flawed, amazing person you are.
Stop saying, “I really should workout.”
Start saying, “I’m choosing to workout because I have legs that run and a heart that beats.”
Stop thinking inside of the box.
Start experiencing things outside of your comfort zone.
Stop going online so much.
Start savoring the moment.
Stop just saying, “I love you.”
Start showing that you do.
Stop being afraid of failure.
Start raising your hand and giving it your best shot.
Stop expecting too much of yourself.
Start giving yourself a break.
Stop living on society’s terms.
Start creating your own.
Stop hating Mondays.
Start looking at them as a fresh start.
Stop frowning.
Start turning your face to the light, smiling, and letting the shadows fall behind.
Stop wanting more.
Start being grateful for what you’ve been blessed with.
Stop it.
Start something better.

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