No rain, no flowers.


This post really has nothing to do with that cute little deer sitting in the flower field. I just really liked that picture. However, I am going to talk about flowers for a moment.
Flowers are a beautiful thing. They are a special thing; a gift to girls from their sweethearts, a token of sympathy in times of sadness, a colorful to addition to our world. Flowers are usually admired because they are beautiful. With their dazzling shades and hues, slender stems, and intricate petals, it’s hard not to love them. I want you to take a minute to picture your very favorite flower. Think of the reasons why it’s your favorite. Think of the joy it brings you. And then think of what it has gone through to become the gorgeous thing that it is.
Flowers, much like humans, don’t get to pick and choose the things that happen to them. They don’t get to decide on whether or not a hailstorm wipes them out or if a careless biker runs them over. They don’t get to stop that biker and say, “Hey, um hello, I’m right here buddy, go around please!” And you can bet that they don’t get a say in the weather patterns. They just put up with anything and everything that comes their way. They roll with the punches. And they keep growing.
I’m talking about the inevitable. Even the most beautiful flower in the garden is going to get rained on and stormed over. There’s no amount of happiness it can bring to the world that automatically pardons it from the bad weather. And I think we all can take a note from that.
You see, no matter how good we are or how much we work to improve ourselves, bad days are going to come. They are inevitable. Storms are going to roll in. Sometimes they’re thunderstorms taking over our minds, or tornadoes in our bodies, or sometimes they are hurricanes all around us. Unrest, sickness, stress.
I think that learning to weather out these storms important. It takes strength to hold on, knowing that a better day is coming. But what’s even more important is getting an umbrella for the soul. This is something that will cover and protect you throughout the storm. My umbrella? Jesus. He encourages and strengthens me and keeps me going. He is for me, not against me. For others, an umbrella might be a good group of friends. Maybe it’s a good book. Maybe it’s an outlet, like exercising, painting, or writing. It can be anything that you love and anything that lifts you up. Whatever your umbrella is, I encourage you to cling to it and strengthen it. We can’t always choose when the rain is going to come. Of course, the rain will stop at some point and beautiful buds are going to sprout out of the once dark and dreary ground. Use your umbrella for that time throughout the storm when you need it most. Don’t keep waiting for the bad time to end because, trust me, it will. Instead, use that time between to become a stronger person. You can use the time between as a propellant, not a hindrance. Because here’s how I see it.
Flowers are a lovely thing to see on a sunny day. But flowers are ten times more lovely on a rainy day. 

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