Live For Now

4583081I only have 11 more days of school left before I am off on summer vacation. I am SO excited for summertime! Where I live, there are tons of activities to do on the lake and in our small town. I can’t wait for those long summer days where it doesn’t get dark until late, we make s’mores over bonfires, and enjoy everyone’s company. There is an obvious buzz throughout the halls of my high school and I know everyone has a little (or a big) case of summer fever.

With all that said, it made me think about something. Today, May 27th, is a day I have been given. It’s a day that God has blessed me with and it is another day that I get to LIVE. I can show kindness, love, and fun today and embrace each second I have. Sure, it’s fun to get excited for summertime, the future, and the fun times to come, but I think it’s important for us to be grateful and hold fast to every single day. Somedays aren’t going to be as bright or as fun as others and each week I can GUARANTEE you’ll find yourself having to wake up on a Monday. That’s life. But is it really that bad? I think it’s quite the opposite. You can label it as “Monday morning,” or you can label it as a blessing that you woke up that day.

Next time you find yourself wishing for Friday, summertime, the weekend, whatever it may be, just remember that there are people in this world that would give up everything to live in the moment that you have been given right now. Live for now, because NOW is a beautiful place to be. ♡

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