Just a Reminder

Hey there. I hope you’re having a wonderful morning, evening, day, night…whatever time it is where you are. I just want to take a moment to remind you of something(s).
If you’re anything like me, you like to do things on your own. You like to face things with strength and the knowledge that Jesus is by your side. You do things for His glory and you do your very best at those things. That being said, there are times when you just need some encouragement from a friend, a few words of wisdom, and a cupcake on a Friday night. We all need love. We all need a break. We need people that are going to build us up and refuel us with kindness. We need inspiration. We need to break away from our normal, comfortable routine once in a while and test the waters. Get outside. Breathe. Pray. Refresh. If you are in need of some inspiration right now, I want to give it to you.
I want to remind you that you are beautiful. Your eyes and your hair but more importantly, your heart is beautiful.
You are wonderful. Your thoughts, dreams, ideas; they are wonderful things.
You are loved by your Creator. He has extraordinary plans designed for you and He is longing for a personal relationship with you. If you haven’t already opened your heart to Him, I can say that your life will improve tenfold if you do.
I want you to know that this world would be missing something without you and it needs you. It needs you to get up early in the mornings, drink a cup of coffee, smile, and go make an impact, wherever you have been placed.
The world needs more kindness and the only way it’s going to get it is if people like us decide that we want to spread it.
I want to remind you that “people will not remember what you said. They will remember how you made them feel.”
So go.
Go out into your awesome gift of a life and be your sweet self. Be kind. Embrace unruly hair and busy schedules. Make the most of where you’re at. Live in the moment. Live in YOUR moment. Remember that you were created by Almighty God and He loves you. Whenever you feel bored or feel like your life is mundane, I challenge you to stop and look deeper. Focus in and notice more. Listen to the birds chirp as the sun rises, look at the droplets of rain that collect on your windshield, notice more of the things happening around you. These little things are not boring. They are not mundane. They are fascinating.
Life is cool. Actually, life is absolutely marvelous. Take the time and be aware of the love that’s being shared, the relationships that are being built, the people who are changing the world, the life that’s happening right this second. Life is not boring when you get up and go do things. Life is not mundane when you embrace and live out your purpose. It’s absolutely amazing.
And it isn’t going to be yours forever. Not to be a Negative Nancy. I’m simply being honest when I say that your time is limited. It’s precious. It’s temporary. It can be so easy to get caught up in our daily chores, stress, messes, deadlines, craziness…that we forget to savor. We forget that those things that seem bad are part of what makes life what it is. A wonderful mixture of ups and downs. Good times and bad. Bests and worsts. Firsts and lasts.
I will admit that this post was a little bit all over the place but I’m not going to sit here and edit it down until it looks perfect. These are my thoughts and things that are on my heart tonight that I wanted to share with you. I can’t see you but know that I care for you. I want you to improve yourself as I do the same. Learn with me. Grow with me. Enjoy life with me.
This is your March 5th reminder that your life is a gift. Go do with it what you will.

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