Christmas Thoughts

276239340What a wonderful Christmas it was. It was simple yet full of the good stuff. Full of my family, good food, love, laughter, and celebration of the One True King. One thing that I thought about more than ever before this Christmas was the time that I woke up today. It was around 10 AM. Now, if it were Christmas morning, say, a few years back, I would’ve been the first one up and at ’em. Bright eyed and bushy tailed at 7 AM, ready to gather around the Christmas tree in our pajamas and tear those gifts open. Slowly but surely, I’ve grown older and my desire to get up earlier has dwindled… Even on a special morning like this one. Some may say that I’ve lost part of the “magic” of Christmas. Although, I believe I’ve only gained that “magic”.
But you see, what I’ve gained isn’t magic at all.
It is simply that my eyes have become less clouded with the tinsel and the ornaments and more clear with the true meaning behind the 25th of December. I can see that the reason we celebrate is to celebrate our Savior’s birthday. And while I have always known this, I feel it so much more now. I understand that Christmas is to come together and surround yourself with the ones you love because God so loved the world. We give because God gave. We give because the Wise Men gave. And we receive as the world received Christ. We rejoice because the Prince of Peace came. We sing “Joy to the World” because the Light of the World arrived. We set up nativity scenes not just because they are pretty, but because they are a reminder of the night our Mighty King came into this place. A world stricken with all things dark and evil and in such desperate need of a savior. In need of light for all mankind. And I understand even more now that we enjoy each other’s company during this season because it is Jesus who provides that joy. We wrap things up in paper and bows and give gifts to others. But it all comes back to Him.
Now, to any of His children “from 1 to 92” reading this, I hope that you will grow with me to continually seek the Lord and all that He has to offer. It is so much. And the beginning of it all did not come in glittery wrapping paper tied up with string. It came as a little baby boy born in a manger in Bethlehem. He was, is, and always will be, the greatest Gift of all.

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